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General Situation:

Jin Fu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, is located in the rich historical and full of strong modern atmosphere of Humen, 2013 reconstruction in Shatian Town, Dongguan City. After a long and dedicated struggle, the current Jin Fu has grown to invest in the scale of more than 750 million yuan, by 2015, subsidiary of Hunan Jin Fu Packing Co., Ltd. officially put into production in Ningxiang, Hunan. At present, Jin Fu has the world's most advanced CCM glanding equipment compression molding system has more than 20 sets, more than 35 sets of injection molding system, the overall annual production capacity of bottled water cover has more than 15 billion, with an annual output of more than 300 million BIB products, Renowned industry one of the largest domestic manufacturers of bottled water.

Jin Fu company from a lighter metal plastic pieces of the workshop started to develop into a considerable size now has the Industrial Company. This process is indeed hard to come by, after ten years of hard work, and constantly open up, gather talent and the development of the original accumulation from. The company has always been the product quality as the fundamental development of the company, while providing comprehensive pre-sale service, in order to meet the needs of customers.


Core Culture:

Jin Fu, to become the bottleneck industry's most trusted business "for the vision, and long-term adherence to" quality-oriented, customer first, meet the requirements, continuous improvement "quality policy.

Jin Fu, to "integrity, quality, service, collaboration, responsibility" for the enterprise's core values.

Integrity, so Jin Fu Ning would like to count the cost, but also to allow customers to arrive on time.

Quality, so that the quality of gold as life, such as life, bad products will be scrapped, never into the hands of customers.

Service, so that every employee from top to bottom to understand that the customer satisfaction is the golden money is the cost of the next process is the work of the department is the standard.

Coordination, guiding the rich heart of the rich, diligent in communication, empathy, but also to the right people.

Responsibility, to promote Jin Fu has always been responsible for the customer, responsible for the staff, the enterprise is responsible for the work.


Equipment Condition:

Jin Fu Technology Co., Ltd. now has 20 cap production lines, injection molding production line 35, the new plant investment scale of more than 450 million yuan, the total area of 30 mu, of which plant area of over 35,000 square meters.

In 2015, Hunan Jin Fu Packaging Co., Ltd. has been fully operational, covering 30 acres, will have 10 of the world's most advanced production lines, a total investment of more than 300 million yuan.



Jin Fu set up the R & D team, with more than 30 qualified engineers, more than 10 professional R & D designers, and six as the core of the technical backbone of the senior engineer, bear the company's cap product research and development tasks, equipped with sophisticated Processing equipment, and strive to continue to innovate and progress. The cap of the ring cutting machine, the cutting machine automatically sync off the device, the bottle vertical cutting ring folding machine turntable structure, and the bottle vertical cutting ring printing one machine, are Jin Fu R & D team Results, and has applied for technical patent number, fully embodies the spirit of independent research and development and technological innovation. At present, Jin Fu's core management team and technical staff of the average working experience of more than 15 years, the company all the technical staff are rigorous screening and training, proficient in capping machine and injection molding machine construction and assembly.

Jin Fu is currently applying for more than 60 patents related to technology, of which more than 20 patents have been invented. From the establishment of the present, the spirit of hard study, so that gold has always followed the pace of development of cap production technology.


Hi-quality Experience:

YG-3020 image measuring instrument, tensile instrument, high and low temperature test chamber, bacterial culture test chamber, Italy Sake meter CVS testing equipment, Yik-3020 image measuring instrument, And other international standards in line with advanced testing facilities, to achieve efficient, comprehensive quality control system operation.

After 20 years of accumulated experience and continuous improvement, Jin Fu company has formed a set of excellent comprehensive quality mechanism, quality departments of all quality control operations, all comply with the detailed workflow and management system. For each customer's specific requirements and standards for the product, the quality department simulates the customer's use of the product, the strict implementation of odor detection, size measurement, air tightness test and capping bridge and high flip cover detection and other key tests, And through the field of real-time quality data and test data for scientific feasibility analysis, so that the product is responsible for the department, but also responsible for the quality of the customer.

In order to ensure that the products manufactured by Jin Fu meet international food requirements, Jin Fu in the raw materials made a sophisticated selection, meticulous investigation and rigorous testing. Jin Fu resolutely use the world's top raw materials at the same time, and Guangzhou blonde Green Wood Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. established a friendly and cooperative relations, is committed to the stability of raw materials, odor detection and other aspects of the survey, all-round guarantee of 100% Color tasteless non-toxic quality of the flow to the customer's hands.