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Core Values

Core Values

Integrity, quality, service, synergy, responsibility

Facing a new step, Jin Fu people sum up the past course, looking back at all the pieces, what is it that has supported Jin Fu people, to this day?

Integrity, quality, service, synergy and responsibility

A set of corporate core values belonging to Jin Fu Technology was born.

Integrity, which makes Jin Fu prefer to get the customer's goods on time, regardless of the cost.

Quality, which makes Jin Fu Technology treat quality as life, and never scrap any defective products to the customer's hands.

Service, which makes every employee up and down Jin Fu Technology understand that a satisfied customer's smile is the capital of Jin Fu's existence, and serving the next process is the standard of the department's work.

Synergy, guiding the hearts and minds of Jin Fu to be united, to communicate diligently, to think differently, and to be more right about things than about people.

Responsibility, which has always been advocated by Jin Fu Technology, is responsible for customers, employees, the enterprise and the work.

Jinfu people, guided by the core values of the enterprise, go forward ......

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